Best Sex Position For First-Time Sex?

Best Sex Position For First-Time Sex?

Enjoying sex for the first time is something that one never forgets in life. Losing virginity involves lots of emotional buildup and expectation along with solid thinking. However, a common query that comes in everyone’s mind is which is the right sex position to lose virginity? Many people think that it is a tricky thing to find. We want our readers shouldn’t be one of them, and that’s why our team is going to help them by providing information about the four best sex positions for the first time sex.

The Two-Timer

It is always suggested to perform things slowly if you are doing sex with a virgin girl. This posture is the right one to choose as your partner will enjoy at a controlled rate.
Here, she will sit on the lap with her face towards you. It is better to stay calm during the complete action, so your partner feels comfortable. You can add kissing for enhancing the quality if you want.


Missionary is an ever-green posture that even works brilliantly for first-timers. It is a classic way to give the memory of a lifetime to your female partner. Here, you need to straddle the legs of your partner allowing your genitals to touch mutually.
It works perfectly as both partners can have mutual connections and works without depending on the size.

The Lover’s Knot

This pose is a very special posture for women who are going to have banging for the first time. In Lover’s Knot, they can instruct their partners in the way they prefer to get fucked. There is a highly intense and slow-burning passion created by this position. Both men, as well as women, can enjoy this posture greatly for sure.

The Spoonful

The last posture we want to talk about is the Spoonful where the girl needs to stay in the outer spoon position with one leg on the body of the boy. It is a great position that allows couples to have a perfect bedroom experience for the first time.
There will be lots of great feelings created by this position creating hormones that directly hit your brain.


Breaking virginity is something that should be enjoyed mutually at a controlled pace. If you still have a query regarding first-time sex, then we suggest you write it in the comment section.